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The PiC Dental Advantage

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Innovative Dental Care With PiC Dental

We are proud to announce the use of PiC dental – the most digitally advanced and accurate digital impression system for multiple implants.

Dr. Sohl has always been a strong proponent of using advanced dental technology to deliver greater precision and effectiveness in all his dental treatment services. The use of hi-tech dental technology allows Dr. Sohl to ensure his patients benefit from highly predictable and aesthetic treatment outcomes.

The addition of the PiC dental technique to our wide array of advanced dental technology will now enable Dr. Sohl to accurately capture impressions of multiple implants. This irrespective of the angulations and distances of the implants thus saving on both time and cost. Not to mention it will drastically improve our patient experience!

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Why PiC Dental?

One of the biggest challenges in all implant rehabilitations is successfully and accurately capturing impressions of implants, their angulations, precise positions, and registering the soft tissue. In patients with multiple implants or in those who need a full-arch restoration, the challenge is further augmented because each step in the process of implant rehabilitation depends on the previous step – even a tiny error can throw off the entire process!

It is for this reason why in a number of cases and even under the watchful and experienced eyes of a skilled dentist, passive fittings might require multiple sessions. Commonly used 3D printers and scanners are limited in the degree of accuracy they provide in capturing implant impressions. This holds true regardless of the method used, including CAD/CAM systems and conventional methods. If the master model produced does not match perfectly with the patient’s mouth, fitting the prosthesis is a next to impossible task.

When there is an error in the master model, however, minute the error, it becomes necessary to recapture the structure and the impression of the implant. This can prove to be both time consuming, tiring, and costly for both the dental practice and for patients.

This is where a highly advanced and revolutionary digital dental technology solution such as PiC dental can help to effectively optimize and enhance the entire process of capturing implant impressions with respect to speed, accuracy, and reliability. It is for these reasons that we have decided to include PiC dental as a part of our advanced dental services for our Stuart, FL, patients.

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PiC Dental
PiC Dental Advantage

PiC dental delivers a number of advantages to the implant rehabilitation process. The biggest advantage of using PiC dental is that the system guarantees a consistent effective rate of 99.9% – irrespective of the number of implants or the technique used. Furthermore, the technology can be used for all patients regardless of their implant rehabilitation requirements.

Speed in capturing impressions is another great feature of PiC dental. The PiC dental system uses a high precision stereo camera which is designed with a simple capture protocol. This protocol allows the camera to take an impression in less than a minute.

The PiC dental camera delivers greater efficiency into the process of capturing implant impressions in two ways:

  • It first accurately captures the positions of the implants.
  • Effectively registers the soft tissues.

The speed of capture and accuracy in registering both steps allows Dr. Sohl to effectively plan the complete implant rehabilitation process which can lead to long-term successful restorations.

Simple 3 Step Process to Capture Implant Impression with PiC Dental

The process of accurately capturing implant impressions, even for full arch restoration patients is simple and can be easily and quickly completed in the following three steps.

PiC Equipment

Implants Impression Capture

Soft Tissue Registration

Once the implant impressions have been successfully captured, the next step involves registering the outline and profile of the soft tissues as well as capturing the lineation of the adjacent teeth – this can be done either using an intraoral scanner or via conventional impression methods.

Generating Precise Digital Model

The PiC file which holds the captured implants positions interrelated as well as the soft tissue registration is then fed into dental CAD software to produce an accurate and corresponding digital model.

See our advanced process for yourself.

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Why Choose Dr. Sohl for your Dental Implant(s) or Full-Arch Restoration?

Dr. Michael Sohl is a specialist and exceptionally skilled dentist, with more than three decades of experience in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry treatment. In all his dental treatment services Dr. Sohl has actively pushed for use of advanced and the latest dental technology solutions and equipment to ensure his patients receive the best dental implant or full-arch restoration care in Stuart, FL.

The use of PiC dental digital solution is just another step in his efforts to effectively remove any room for error when capturing implant impressions. As a result, patients benefit from faster implant impressions capture and rehabilitation processes.

If you are looking for the best dental implant or full-arch restoration in Stuart, FL, then give us a call at (772) 348-2544 or visit us at Dr. Michael Sohl Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry today!

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