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What motivated you to pursue the search for a Stuart cosmetic dentist? Do you feel self-conscious about crooked, gapped, worn, or discolored teeth? Are missing teeth causing embarrassment, a decline in your oral health, or loss of facial aesthetics? As experts in dental-facial aesthetics, our passion is to change patient lives by transforming smiles—from the outside in. The smile is just one component of the entire facial appearance, and though beauty itself is a subjective concept with many facets, creating facial harmony is a measurable and attainable outcome through the art of transformative dentistry. Under our specialized care, we can help you achieve a beautiful smile that harmonizes with your face and personality by fully restoring dental health and facial aesthetics. We strive to be the best dental office Stuart has to offer, so us call today.

Dr. Sohl Discusses How His Seminars Help His Patients

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A mouth that is restored with only the teeth in mind misses the importance of how they and other related factors, such as gum line, complement the outward facial appearance. We not only restore health to your teeth and gums, but focus on restoring balance and harmony to the face as a whole. We accomplish this by creating a dental environment that speaks to each of our patients’ individual needs.

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Patient Education

We begin by asking ourselves one, simple—yet comprehensive—question: “How will this transformation play out 10 years from now?” By thinking ahead to the future right now, we can propose treatment that only needs to be completed once, with a motivation to produce results that will be predictable and for the long term. We take a collaborative approach to your treatment, focusing on educating you so you have a clear picture of your entire treatment process. This includes the number of appointments, the time it will take, the estimated cost, and your final results.

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Practice Atmosphere

From our office color palate to the piano in our reception area and soft overhead music, we are intentional about creating an atmosphere that is soothing and quiet. Along with providing IV sedation dentistry, we strive to produce a feeling of calmness that eases the nervousness in our patients through our welcoming and friendly demeanors, the décor, and music we choose. We help build trust by uncovering the core motivation of each of our patients by listening, identifying, and truly understanding their desires.

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Advanced Technology

Advanced dental technology is one of the ways we can help patients visualize their smile transformation before treatment even begins. The technology we use also greatly improves the patient experience, helps us create more customized treatment, and provide safer and more predictable long-term results. Along with advanced 3D imaging technology and dental lasers, we incorporate high-tech software in our Digital Smile Design Studio that both captures the beauty of new smile harmonized with the face and aids in treatment planning and during the treatment process itself.

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Dental Experience

Dr. Michael Sohl has been practicing dentistry since 1981, focusing his practice solely on transforming patient smiles and lives through dental-facial aesthetics and implant dentistry. With a superb education and experience background, Dr. Sohl has spent his years as a dentist changing the lives of his patients through transformative dental-facial aesthetic treatment. He is an active member of many prestigious dental organizations, including the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, is a Diamond Partner of Nobel Biocare™, and holds a Master Status in Rosenthal’s Aesthetic Advantage program.


A transformation of dental-facial aesthetics may not be the first thought that comes to mind when a patient hears the word “dentist.” Oftentimes, the term triggers the memory of a poor past experience or leads to feelings of anxiety or distrust. This is not altogether unjustified.

Many patients who come to us have had bad dental experiences or previously restored mouths that are now failing. For this reason, Dr. Michael Sohl and our dedicated team strive to create an environment built around trust and communication by showing intentional compassion, hospitality, and empathy for each of our patients.

Through listening and collaboration, we create a healthy foundation of mutual trust and respect before treatment even begins. In this way, you can feel confident moving forward with the care you need from a close-knit team of experienced professionals who treat you like family.

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