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The smile is just one component of entire facial aesthetics and overall appearance. When only the intraoral elements are taken into consideration, a great opportunity is missed to design and create a smile that not only looks beautiful, but complements the unique structure of a patient’s whole face. The goal of dental-facial aesthetics, and our Stuart digital smile design, is to keep the balancing of proportion and harmony between the facial structure and smile front and center during every treatment process. When designing the smile, we begin with the face and work inward in an effort to ensure the smile is balanced with the lips, supports facial hard and soft tissue, and functions flawlessly. This unique approach to all our treatment planning provides a strategically designed foundation onto which we build all other elements of your transformative procedures. Beginning with this foundation vastly improves treatment predictability, precision, and, most importantly, the aesthetic success of your restoration.

Doctor Sohl Discusses The Digital Smile Design Process

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Dr. Sohl


The purpose of our Digital Smile Design Studio is to help our patients visualize what the final outcome of their treatment will be, along with helping us plan and perform the procedures themselves. Our studio is ideal for patients with an array of dental concerns, from minor misalignment to multiple missing teeth. In fact, it is the starting point for all of our treatment planning, whether for porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, or dental implants. Many of our patients come to us with poor past dental experiences, failing restorations, or both. Therefore, it is our purpose and passion to use our design studio—along with our expertise in dental-facial aesthetics, dental implants, and advanced technology—to create vibrant smiles designed to last for many years to come.

Initial Visit

Digital Smile Design Studio

During the initial appointment, we take a series of photographs and videos of your smile and face and create a 2D blueprint. This allows both you and Dr. Sohl to view and analyze the deficiencies in the teeth and smile in relation to your facial structure.

Digital Design

Stuart Dental Office

This 2D blueprint is transferred into a 3D model where we virtually modify and tweak the height, shape, proportion, and position of the teeth. This process continues until they represent what your most ideal smile might look like once treatment is complete.

Mockup “Test Drive”

Fake Teeth

From this 3D model, we create a putty matrix placed in the mouth to form temporary material over the existing teeth. This physical mockup, a simple wax temporary, is placed over your existing teeth so you can “test drive” your anticipated new smile.


Stuart Dental Patient

We return to the studio where we take more photographs, which are displayed on a monitor so you can see your anticipated smile in real-time. This will give you an accurate and overall picture of how your new smile will impact how you look and feel.

Treatment Process

Stuart Dentist

Once your unique smile is finalized, we begin the treatment process. Whether a series of veneers, dental implants, or a more complex full mouth reconstruction, treatment will always be carried out with the final smile as the ultimate goal.

Concluding Visit

Stuart Dental Patient

After treatment is complete, you will return to our studio to show off your brand new smile in a series of new photographs. If, at this point, you are interested in providing a testimony about your experiences with us, we will schedule a time with you!

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Through every step of the process, you and our dentist, Dr. Michael Sohl, will collaborate, integrating your new smile wish list with our available treatment options, until the most ideal treatment plan is designed.

With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Sohl is vastly knowledgeable and skilled in dental-facial aesthetics and designing new smiles that harmonize with your facial structure and function flawlessly. Holding numerous certifications in implant and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Sohl also holds a Master status in Rosenthal’s Aesthetic Advantage and is actively involved in may prestigious dental organizations, including the American Dental Association and International Congress of Oral Implantologists. No matter the transformative treatment you wish to undergo, we are here to help you visualize, test drive, and ultimately receive a beautifully designed smile that blends harmoniously with your unique facial aesthetics!

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