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Dental Implant Cost - Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Palm City, FL

The Lifelong Benefits of an Improved Quality of Life

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A Solution that Can Last a Lifetime

When viewed as a one-time, though necessary, procedure, dental implant cost in Stuart, FL can seem expensive, especially when compared to dental bridges. Dental implants, however, provide more than a simple cosmetic fix for a missing tooth; dental implants can significantly improve a patient’s life by improving lost oral health, regaining smile aesthetics, and providing a substantial boost to self-confidence. Contrary to temporary restorations, dental implants  are the only solution to missing teeth that can last a lifetime, while providing both beauty and necessary function to the smile. Choosing dental implants is choosing to invest in your long-term quality of life and overall confidence in your smile.

Doctor Sohl Discusses Dental Implant Cost

What Determines Dental Implant Cost?

Though some patients only need to undergo the dental implant procedure itself, most patients need additional supplementary treatment to ensure that their dental implants remain strong and healthy. If more than one tooth is missing, gum disease is present, or significant jaw bone loss has occurred, we will need to create a more comprehensive treatment plan. Even if you do require multiple procedures, our comprehensive services—bone grafting, tooth extractions, and sinus lifts—are completed in-house, so you will rarely, if ever, need to be referred out of our office for treatment. We plan all our dental implant cases digitally beforehand, helping you visualize the end result, and directing us to the best and most cost-effective treatment path for you.

Factors that determine dental implant cost:

Treatment Tailored to Your Dental Needs

Dental implant cost in Stuart, FL is directly related to the experience and level of care provided by the implant dentist. We strive to offer dental care that is not only affordable to our patients, but provides them with the most aesthetic outcomes and the greatest long-term functionality modern dentistry can offer. Under the care of Dr. Michael Sohl, treatment is predictable, comfortable, and tailored to your exact dental needs. We never want our patients to suffer from failing oral health and declining self-confidence because of missing teeth. We will help you find the best possible solution for your circumstances and budget, without compromising on quality or beauty.

Find out how much your dental implants may cost.

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