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All On Four Dental Implants - Stuart, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach, FL

Reclaim a Complete Smile with Full Arch Dental Implants

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Renew Confidence in Your Smile

Dr. Sohl talking about Full Arch Dental Implants

Multiple missing teeth or an entire arch of missing teeth can pose numerous aesthetic and functional difficulties. Patients with multiple missing teeth may already notice that their cheeks and lips appear to be sinking inward. A full arch of failing or absent teeth not only cause self-consciousness and embarrassment, but can also lead to a decline in health, the loss of jaw bone, and increased difficulty eating and speaking – not to mention the social judgment you have to endure whenever you open your mouth in public.

While dentures do an adequate job of restoring some aesthetics and function, they do not compare to the permanency and natural beauty of full arch dental implants. Solutions, including a cutting-edge, digitally-based implant procedure, not only restore a full arch of missing teeth but also help to replace the lost bone structure and fill out the cheeks, directly and positively influencing the outward appearance of the face. With full arch dental implants, not only will the aesthetics of your smile be fully restored, but you will be able to eat, speak, and laugh with a renewed sense of confidence in your smile!

Doctor Sohl Discusses All-on-4® Dental Implants

New Teeth the Day of Surgery

Our prosthetic-driven full arch dental implant process begins in our Digital Smile Design Studio. Here, we start with the outward appearance and work inward, focusing on where new teeth must be positioned to balance harmoniously with the facial structure. This starting point is deliberate and effective, helping us and you visualize the end result digitally and with a physical mock-up you can try on. Once we have created the most ideal smile for your face, we place the necessary number of dental implants into your jaw bone with a custom guide to ensure accuracy in the final result. If you have severe jaw bone loss in your upper jaw, Dr. Sohl may recommend Zygoma dental implants, which are anchored in your cheekbones, either separately or combined with traditional implants to secure a prosthesis. After the surgery is complete, we are oftentimes able to secure a temporary prosthesis onto the dental implants, which you will wear until your final restoration is complete. You will be able to leave our office on the day of surgery with a set of brand new teeth!

Your Full Arch Dental Implant Procedure

Your Full Arch Dental Implant Procedure

The Full Arch Dental Implant Procedure consists of ten steps that will strategically and systematically progress your new smile from conception to realization. Every step of this state-of-the-art process, from implant design to production and delivery, utilizes digital technology. This advanced method is only available at a few practices within the U.S.


    The initial step toward your new smile involves the visual assessment of your mouth’s current condition using digital photography. This important step will provide a detailed look at your mouth’s surfaces and serve as the foundation of your new smile’s design.


    A dental CAT scan will be performed and the results will be translated by software into 3D digital renderings. This step offers the first glimpse at what may be accomplished with your Full Arch Dental Implants procedure and helps Dr. Sohl determine the proper placement for your implants.


    Digital impressions are created using an intraoral scanner. These digital impressions provide Dr. Sohl with a more detailed understanding of how the implants will fit within your mouth and are more precise than traditional dental impressions.


    This step marks the beginning of the design process. The information obtained in previous actions is imported into special software called Exocad and compiled to produce a more comprehensive 3D rendering of your mouth and face. This exciting step allows you to be directly involved in the design of your implants as you will able to view your potential results virtually and communicate any adjustments you would like to see.


    In this step, Dr. Sohl takes the use of digital tools to the next level. Through virtually simulated surgery, Dr. Sohl can plan for your personalized procedure and thoughtfully adapt to any obstacles which may be present. This remarkable tool enables Dr. Sohl to approach your surgery with the utmost preparation.


    In this step, Dr. Sohl takes the use of digital tools to the next level. Through virtually simulated surgery, Dr. Sohl can plan for your personalized procedure and thoughtfully adapt to any obstacles which may be present. This remarkable tool enables Dr. Sohl to approach your surgery with the utmost preparation.


    Dr. Sohl approaches every surgery with unparalleled precision and detail. A GPS guidance system called XNAV ensures that each post is placed exactly according to your surgery plan.


    PIC Dental, a highly accurate digital impression system, is used to record the exact placement of each implant post. This data is then used to guarantee that each implant fits perfectly within the mouth, contributing to your final results’ natural look and feel.


    While your permanent teeth take several days to produce, you will not have to wait to enjoy your new smile. Dr. Sohl will provide you with temporary teeth 3D-printed right here in our office.


    Dr. Sohl’s priority is your well-being. A combination of bite tests will be performed and analyzed using computer software to ensure that your implants are as functional as they are beautiful.


    Your permanent teeth will be milled in our ultra-sophisticated dental lab by Dr. Sohl and his skilled team. Within 48 hours of surgery, your new permanent teeth will be assembled, and your Full Arch Dental Implant procedure will be complete!

Your Full Arch Dental Implant Recovery

Due to the use of anesthesia, we recommend that a close friend or family member is available to drive you home on the day of surgery. Once the effects of the anesthesia have subsided, you can expect to experience moderate soreness and swelling, which should go away within one day.

You may use over-the-counter pain medication to relieve discomfort. You should avoid using a straw for a minimum of two days after your surgery. You should contact us immediately if you feel your pain level is not improving.

Your Full Arch Dental Implants Results

While you will be able to enjoy your new smile immediately, the entire healing process takes approximately six months. Once complete, your implants will have integrated with your jawbone.

Your Full Arch Dental Implants can be expected to last an average of 10 to 15 years or longer with proper maintenance. Your new smile will be comfortable, strong, long-lasting, and natural-looking.

Fusing Experience and Technology

Dr. Michael Sohl has over 30 years of experience placing and restoring dental implants and has worked closely with some of the most prominent doctors in dentistry, including world-renowned prosthodontist, Dr. Thomas J. Balshi, who trademarked the Teeth in a Day® protocol. In addition, he holds Diamond Partner status with Nobel Biocare and Master Status from Rosenthal’s Aesthetic Advantage.

Our restoration solutions using dental implants must always be two things: aesthetically-driven and long-term predictability. For this reason, we invest in the latest technology dentistry offers today. Our implant supported Smile creation process begins with digital diagnostics including Cone Beam CT scans, and intraoral scans. The teeth, and therefore the smile is designed using sophisticated Exocad software from Cone Beam CT scanners to guided implant placement and digital smile design. When used together, this technology creates a drastic improvement in patients’ experiences, predictability in treatment planning, and increased surgical precision and accuracy. This is all geared toward providing restorations with the highest possible aesthetic outcomes and the greatest level of function, comfort, and longevity.

Full Arch Dental Implants Stuart, FL

Implant Supported Bridges

Implant-supported dentures improve stability and strength by securing dentures or a full-arch prosthesis to ball-retained or bar-retained dental implants. Eliminating the need for messy pastes and discomfort of dentures, this solution provides greater support, better aesthetics, and improved biting and chewing power.

Full Arch Dental Implants Stuart, FL

Always on. All-on-4®

Unlike dentures or other removable solutions to tooth loss, All-on-4® is a permanent fix that uses full arch fixed implant bridges to replace a full arch of missing, cracked, or decayed teeth. Dr. Sohl uses the All-on-4® technique when it no longer makes sense to attempt to use traditional implants to restore a full smile. This usually happens when there are multiple teeth that are already missing or need to be removed – to the point that full replacement with All-on-4® is the better option.

All-on-4® dental implants, as the name suggests, use only four dental implants placed strategically in the jaw bone where most bone volume is present. Ideal for patients with bone loss due to missing teeth, All-on-4 dental implants® provide patients with the stability of a full-arch prosthesis that functions like natural teeth, looks aesthetic, and feels authentic.

All-on-4® vs. Traditional Dental Implants

Dr. Sohl Talking About FullArch Dental Implants in Stuart

Traditionally, dental implants consist of two parts; a post that is surgically implanted into the socket of the missing tooth, and a crown that looks just like the missing tooth. The crown is attached to the post once the post has been inserted into the socket.

As you can imagine, doing this for 4, 6, 8, or 14 missing teeth just doesn’t make sense. While bridges can let dentists “bridge” the gap between teeth, they still usually require anchor teeth so they can be attached. With All-on-4®, the remaining teeth on the top or bottom of the jaw are usually removed, and four strategically placed posts are inserted in their place that allows a full new bridge to be placed. The teeth look so lifelike that only you and Dr. Sohl will know they aren’t real!

Once the bridge is affixed, it is generally considered a permanent solution. All-on-4® bridges can last upwards of 15 years if properly cared for, with many patients not having to have them adjusted again their entire lives. If repairs or replacements do need to be made, they can often be attached to the original posts.

Recovery and Aftercare

One of the major positives of All-on-4® is that the recovery time is significantly reduced due to fewer posts being implanted into the mouth. Most patients can eat solid food after a liquid diet of a few weeks, versus months with traditional implantation.

Immediately following your surgery, we will provide you with pain medication to minimize your initial discomfort. We recommend taking at least one to two days off from work, but the more time you can give yourself to heal, the better.


Your diet is one of the most important components of the recovery process following your All-on-4® surgery. Although we can place your implants and attach your hybrid in a single day with this method, it still takes three months or more for the implants to fuse with your jawbone.

During the first few weeks, we recommend a soft diet to avoid unnecessary chewing. Scrambled eggs, pasta, or cooked vegetables are a good choice during this time and things you can easily cut with a fork. Slowly, you can begin to incorporate other foods into your diet. This is a gradual process and should keep your chewing to a minimum. Once you get your final prosthesis you can reintroduce other foods back into your diet.

Once you’ve gotten used to your All-on-4®, you can care for it just like you would your normal teeth!

Make Your Smile “Ultra” With Crystal Ultra™

Dr. Sohl is always on the lookout for new innovations that improve the patient experience, particularly when it comes to arches. That’s why he’s pleased to offer his All-on-4® patients Crystal Ultra™. The Crystal Ultra™ material improves upon traditional fixed arches by being more responsive and gentle than other ceramics. These arches are also 60% lighter than traditional arches and 6 times stronger than acrylic dentures.

Crystal ULTRA Competitive Advantage
With Crystal Ultra™, Dr. Sohl is able to provide his patients with unmatched versatility and comfort for their All-on-4® procedures.

Full Arch Procedures at a Glance

all on 4 dental implants stuart fl

Example of All on 4® Dental Implants Procedure

implant supported dentures stuart fl

Implant Supported Denture Example

William's Experience With All-on-4® Dental Implants

Before and After Photos

Before After

All-on-4® Dental Implants Case 1

Before After

All-on-4® Dental Implants Case 2

Ed's Experience With All on 4®

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Full Arch Dental Implants by Sohl Dental in Stuart, FL offer a broad range of benefits, from cosmetic improvement to quality-of-life enhancement. During your Full Arch Dental Implant consultation, you will receive a thorough assessment of your mouth’s condition and the opportunity to see what your new smile might look like through our Digital Smile Design Studio. Please contact our office during regular business hours to schedule your consultation.

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