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Sedation Dentistry: Beat Your Fear of Going to the Dentist Stuart, FL

Sedation Dentistry: Beat Your Fear of Going to the Dentist

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A great imagination is typically a good thing. But sometimes, your imagination might not actually be a benefit to you and could actually be hurting you. If you haven’t been to the dentist’s office in a while, because you’ve been imagining all the painful things they’re going to do to your mouth, consider sedation dentistry and its efficacy at calming racing mind. Sedation dentistry just might be your key to getting through dental appointments stress-free. Find out why.

IV Sedation

This is the most flexible, customizable delivery method of a sedative. Using an intravenous line, your dental staff will give you the precise dosage of a sedative measure out for your needs specifically. Your current health, weight, medical history and the length of your procedure will all factor into the amount of sedative you’ll be administered via an IV line.

Your dental staff can administer just enough of a dose to slow down your racing mind, but not quite enough to put you to sleep during the procedure. Though you probably won’t’ fall asleep, your response times will be slowed until the sedative finally wears off.

Local Anesthesia

Often times, it’s only the fear of pain that makes people hesitant to visit the dentist’s office. Even when needed procedures that entail mild amounts of pain, that fear can still keep people away.

Local anesthesia can help calm those fears and anxiousness by numbing the area of the mouth your dentist will be working in.

Oral Sedation

While IV sedation is the best and most customizable route for delivering a sedative, some people will have trouble getting past the needled needed to inject the sedative into the veins.

Oral sedation offers an alternative, though the onset of the sedative will take much longer when taken orally. The extra time needed for the sedative to kick in can drag out the length of your appointment.

Learn More About Your Sedation Options

Set up a time to talk with a local dentist in Stuart, FL to learn more about what sedation options are available to you.

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