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Soft Tissue Recontouring - Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Palm City, FL

Soft Tissue Recontouring Balances Beauty and Health

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Reshaping Gums to Complement the Whole Face

A beautiful, symmetrical smile is in part a balance between the teeth and gums. If too much soft tissue is present, crowding over the front surface of the teeth, the smile can appear shortened and uneven. This overgrowth of soft tissue not only takes away from the aesthetics of the smile, but can cause functional concerns as well. We first consider how the teeth and gum ratio will affect the facial appearance as a whole, considering how they relate to the face and smile. We then recontour the gum line to accentuate the beauty of the teeth. For our soft tissue procedures, we provide the CO2 Luxar dental laser for periodontal recontouring, which commonly eliminates the need for sedation, improves convenience with one-time treatment, and creates better patient experiences with its minimally invasive nature.

Our Soft Tissue Treatment Options

Soft tissue recontouring can be purely for aesthetic purposes, or for functional reasons that produce highly aesthetic results. We offer gingivectomy, frenectomy, and crown lengthening procedures, all designed to restore oral health and improve the symmetry and aesthetics of your smile.

  • Gingivectomy

    Gum disease that is too advanced to be treated with scaling and root planing requires a gingivectomy. This procedure removes diseased gum tissue and reshapes remaining tissue to eliminate periodontal pockets that have developed between the teeth. A gingivectomy safely removes disease and bacteria from the mouth and helps secure teeth snugly around healthy, strong gum tissue.

  • Frenectomy

    The frenulum, or piece of soft tissue that holds the upper lip to the gums or tongue to the floor of the mouth, at times is too restrictive. A frenectomy removes this tissue to allow for more movement of the lip and tongue. This procedure is quick and painless, resulting in improved speech and eating ability, especially with breastfeeding children.

  • Crown Lengthening

    Also known as “gummy smile” treatment, crown lengthening can be either aesthetic or functional in nature. Aesthetic crown lengthening removes excess gum tissue to expose more of the natural tooth, creating symmetry and balance. Functional crown lengthening, adjusts the gum line to expose an area of the tooth that needs to be repaired or restored.

Intraoral Symmetry, Facial Harmony

Dr. Michael Sohl takes great pride in ensuring each of his patient’s smiles not only function correctly, but are symmetrical and balanced, harmonizing beautifully with the face. Whether you need soft tissue recontouring to restore health or improve aesthetics, our treatment is convenient and safe, with little-to-no discomfort and nearly no post-treatment down time.

Balance the health and beauty of your smile.

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