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Zygoma Dental Implants - Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Palm City, FL

The Answer to Severe Upper Jaw Bone Loss

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Full Arch Replacement without Bone Grafting

Patients who have been missing teeth for many years will suffer from bone loss in their jaw. Sometimes this bone loss is so severe, they are unable to receive traditional dental implants to restore their smile. When this is the case, Dr. Michael Sohl may recommend zygoma dental implants, most commonly as an alternative to extensive bone grafting or sinus lifts. Dr. Sohl is one of very few dentists trained in zygoma dental implants and has been placing dental implants for over 35 years. With this expertise and utilizing advanced surgical technology, we can provide patients with severe bone loss a vastly improved sense of wellbeing and quality of life.



Zygoma dental implants rarely require bone grafting because they are placed into the cheek (zygomatic) bones instead of the upper jaw bone. Equaling the length of 3-4 traditional implants, zygomatic implants are placed directly next to the sinus cavity or through it, depending on your specific treatment plan. Once anchored in place, these dental implants, along with 2-4 traditional implants in the upper front jaw, provide vital support for a full arch prosthesis. Placing zygoma dental implants requires meticulous planning and careful execution to ensure their success. Because all of our patients requiring these implants have suffered from extensive tooth loss, we take great care during our Digital Smile Design process to ensure that your new smile is flawlessly tailored to you. We also utilize advanced technology like the cone bean CT scan to capture a high-quality 3D representation of your bone structure and sinus cavities for virtual planning of your placement surgery.

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The greatest advantage of zygoma dental implants is their ability to provide patients with severe bone loss with full arch teeth replacement. When completed by our experienced dentist, dental implant surgery is safe and predictable.

Zygoma dental implants allow for:

  • “Graft-less” full arch tooth replacement
  • Temporary prosthesis placed same day of surgery
  • Faster time-to-tooth without bone grafting
  • Replacement of upper arch denture
  • Predictable, long-term results

Do you have severe upper jaw bone loss?

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