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If you need a Stuart cosmetic dentist for minor repairs of chipped, irregular, or cracked teeth, Sohl Dental offers patients Tooth Bonding to get you back on your way to a beautiful smile.

Sometimes, for a minor repair of a small defect, cosmetic bonding is a solution that is both affordable and extremely simple. This process uses a tooth-colored composite material to fill in and restore chipped or damaged areas. Composite resin can also be added to a tooth to increase the length of a tooth or fix other minor cosmetic irregularities.

TOOTH BONDING at Sohl Dental

Dr. Michael Sohl understands that no two smiles are the same, and people can feel anxious about getting dental care.

He has expertly built a team of experienced and compassionate professionals who are passionate about helping people obtain their ideal beautiful smiles with our Stuart Tooth Bonding.

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What is Tooth Bonding?

Tooth Bonding is a cosmetic dentistry technique that involves applying a color-matching resin material to your cracked or irregular tooth that needs minor improvement. This bonding adheres to your natural teeth, creating a more even and authentic-looking smile. The result is a better smile without the need for more expensive and involved repairs.

How Does Dental Bonding Work? What Are The Limitations?

Having cosmetic dental bonding is very similar in the process of having a cavity filled.

It is the same type of material that your general dentist might use to restore a cavity, just applied in a smaller amount with no need for anesthetic. Remember, cosmetic bonding is used to fix smaller problems typically.

This means that bonding is not as permanent as a full porcelain crown or veneer restoration. However, it is a great option for certain situations because our tooth bonding procedure is quick, painless and there is no associated downtime.

Tooth Bonding vs. Dental Crowns and Veneers

The best solution for your dental restoration needs will vary depending on your individual goals.

Dental bonding is best for those who have minor imperfections, chips, or cracks to repair. Dental crowns can be a better option for more significant damage and require multiple appointments to obtain the desired result. Porcelain veneers are also an option that involves applying a thin porcelain material over your tooth or teeth that can be color-matched to look natural with the rest of your teeth. It also involves removing part of each treated tooth so the veneer fits to blend in with your natural smile. This treatment also requires multiple visits. To learn more about Veneers, Crowns and Tooth Bonding Stuart patients can call us at (772) 287-3010

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When you feel insecure about your teeth, your smile and self-esteem can be affected. Cosmetic dental work may seem expensive and invasive. But if you have minor flaws, gaps, or cracks, dental tooth bonding can be an easy, affordable option to improve your smile.

The benefits include:

  • Typically, only one visit to complete the treatment
  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • Resin that is matched to the rest of your teeth
  • Doesn’t require removal of any healthy tooth material
  • Much less expensive than crowns and veneers

Am I a candidate for Tooth Bonding?

The ideal candidates for cosmetic tooth bonding are patients who have healthy teeth that only have minor aesthetic imperfections like small gaps, discoloration, small cracks, or chips.

Obtaining ideal results work best on teeth that have healthy roots and most of the enamel still intact. We will complete a full dental evaluation to ensure your teeth do not have any concerns that could affect the bonding process. If you'd like to find out if you'd make a good candidate for tooth bonding Stuart dentist, Dr. Sohl, can address that and any other questions you have during a consultation. Call us today!

Bonding As Part Of The Larger Vision

There is a good chance that your Stuart, FL dentist will recommend some minor bonding as part of a much larger Smile Makeover treatment plan.

This could include placement of implants, cosmetic teeth whitening, traditional crown and bridge procedures, and clear liner orthodontics (such as Invisalign) in addition to cosmetic bonding. Because cosmetic bonding may be recommended by your dentist as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan or as an individual fix, it is important to follow through with the entire plan of action to ensure the long term success of this procedure.

A composite resin material is not as strong as a zirconia or porcelain restoration, so bonding should be treated gently to avoid pressure or stress. Dr. Sohl is a master restorative and aesthetic dentist who will advise you of all the best steps to take while taking care of your smile. Tooth bonding, from a minor repair to part of a long journey to a new beautiful smile, is offered with excellence and care by the dental team at Sohl Dental. We strive to provide our patients with the best Tooth Bonding Stuart has to offer, so contact our office today!

Tooth Bonding Procedure

Once a comprehensive evaluation has been completed and we have worked with you to determine that cosmetic tooth bonding is the right procedure for you, an appointment will be scheduled. At this appointment, we will select a natural shade of the composite resin to naturally match the rest of your teeth and then start preparing the surface of each tooth to be treated.

After the preparation is completed, Dr. Sohl will expertly apply the resin material, which starts in a putty-like consistency, and then he will slowly mold and smooth it for the ideal aesthetic look. Afterward, this is cured with a special light that helps bond the material to the surface of your treated tooth. The final step will be polishing and making any final adjustments to ensure a natural look and bite. Appointments typically take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the extent of improvement you are wanting to achieve.

Tooth Bonding Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

There is no downtime after treatment, and you will see the results immediately. You may feel some sensitivity and should avoid chewing foods for 24 hours to ensure the bonding material completes final curing and strengthening. During this time, liquids are best to have to prevent damage to the bonding. Good aftercare for your treated teeth includes normal good oral hygiene practices- brushing for two minutes twice a day and flossing once daily. With ongoing good hygiene habits, your bonded teeth can look great for years to come.

Why choose Sohl Dental?

With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Sohl has spent his career dedicated to staying up to date on the latest dental technologies and practices. His passion for helping patients has driven him to provide an exceptional treatment experience for patients who may be apprehensive about dental care such as Tooth Bonding. He has built a practice that focuses on a calm, relaxing environment for care and experienced professionals who treat every patient with compassion and consideration. Stuart, Florida cosmetic dentist Dr. Sohl looks forward to providing you with expert, empathetic care and stunning results.

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Is Tooth Bonding common?

Tooth bonding is a common, affordable cosmetic dental option for those who want to make improvements to minor imperfections in their teeth.

Is Tooth Bonding painful?

The procedure is painless, but there may be some mild sensitivity to heat and cold after the procedure. Typically, over-the-counter pain relievers can help with this.

What are the risks associated with Tooth Bonding?

This is a simple, safe procedure with no adverse risks.

Is Tooth Bonding permanent?

Keeping good oral hygiene habits after your treatment can help ensure long-lasting results, but everyone will have varied outcomes depending on their personal habits.

How much does Tooth Bonding cost?

The cost of Tooth Bonding will vary based on the area treated and the area and the number of teeth treated. Our financial coordinator will be able to discuss payment options with you.

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