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Patients who want to make the most of their smiles know that one of the first things to detract from a bright and beautiful grin is an off-color tint to one’s teeth. Luckily, teeth whitening procedures are accessible and safe, so you can take the necessary steps to preserve your smile in its most attractive form. That isn’t the only option available, either. Dr. Michael Sohl has received extensive training in many dental procedures involving reconstruction as well as training in cosmetic dentistry. This gives cosmetic patients the opportunity to pursue more than just whitening if needed.

Benefits of Whiter Teeth

People who get whitening done for the first time usually do so for a special occasion, like a wedding or job interview. That’s because a whiter, brighter smile just looks better, so pictures are more memorable, and first impressions are just that much more charming. The procedure can help patients by lightening the teeth several shades, and repeated procedures can be scheduled at safe distances from one another if patients need to do more.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The procedure itself permanently lightens your teeth, but your lifestyle will have a huge impact on what that means in practice. If you indulge in coffee and other tooth-staining foods often, you’ll find you need regular treatments to keep the color you want in your smile. If you eat conscientiously, though, you can keep your progress longer and get more out of each treatment.

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When you work with our office to get your cosmetic procedures handled, you have options to keep improving your smile until you hit your goals. Whether that’s a simple change of shade or a full mouth makeover, we’re here to help. Contact our office in Stuart, FL today to schedule a consultation, and learn what it will take to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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