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How Invisalign® Straightens Teeth With Subtlety

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Having straighter teeth is a great way to regain your confidence when you smile. Orthodontic technology has improved immensely over the years beyond the average braces. Now, there are many different discreet options, including clear braces and Invisalign. If you are unfamiliar with Invisalign, it is a system of clear aligners that slowly straighten your teeth over time. Unlike braces, these aligners are removable and practically invisible. Here is how treatment with Dr. Michael Sohl generally works.

Creating Your Aligners

Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for aligners, a mold is taken of your teeth. Each aligner is custom made to exactly fit your teeth and move them into proper alignment. Once the mold is made, it is sent off to a lab where the aligners are created. Once you have the aligners in your possession, you can officially start treatment.

Moving Teeth Closer Together

Invisalign® is actually a series of aligners that are each worn for a specified amount of time and for 22 hours each day. As you move on to each new aligner, your teeth move closer to their final position – which is why it is imperative that you wear the aligners exactly as instructed.

Managing the Length of Treatment

How long your treatment lasts depends on how far your teeth need to move and how well you adhere to the guidelines of treatment. After treatment is over, you may also need to go through retention therapy to ensure your teeth do not revert to their old positions. Treatment may often be shorter than braces.

Consulting With Dr. Sohl

The course of treatment you use to straighten your teeth depends largely on your personal situation. Not everyone is a good candidate for Invisalign® as you need to follow the rules closely for treatment to succeed. To learn more about subtle alignment options, schedule a consultation with Stuart cosmetic dentist by contacting our office today!

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