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Get the Best of Both Worlds With Implant Supported Dentures

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When you have to have all the teeth removed on one dental arch, Dr. Sohl is going to ask you to consider options for replacing those missing teeth. There are only a few to choose from, and they all have their advantages. Generally, patients pick between dentures and implants. There is a third solution, though. One that provides the stability and strength of dental implants with the versatility and lower costs of dentures. That solution is implant supported dentures, and it’s been helping more and more patients as it becomes more popular.

What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are essentially a combination of the best parts of dentures and the best parts of implants. The implant anchors are used to create a stable base for the dentures to rest on. This creates the same stability and strength you expect to find in a full-arch set of implants. Instead of the porcelain replacement teeth that implants hold in place, though, a full arch denture set is placed. This allows for fewer anchors to create the stable base the dentures need.

The Benefits of
Implant Supported Dentures

• No shifting fit because of gum line changes
• Stronger than average dentures
• Easy to clean and to replace if damaged
• Long-lasting
• Fewer if any food restrictions
• Fast recovery times
• Natural-looking smiles

Do I Qualify for Implant Supported Dentures?

If you’re wondering whether this procedure is right for you, then you need to have a conversation with Dr. Sohl in Stuart, FL about your health, your loss of teeth, and your options. Only by reviewing the reasons for tooth loss and the prognosis for your future recovery can Dr. Sohl help you choose the treatment option that will work best for you. To get more information, contact our office today and make an appointment for a consultation with the dentist. That way, you can find out if you’re going to be able to get the most out of implant supported dentures.

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