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The Risks of Continuing To Have Missing Teeth

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The consequences of failing to replace a missing tooth will only grow as time goes on. People lose teeth all the time due to trauma or illness. Fortunately, replacement is fairly simple with dental implants. With such an easy option available at Dr. Michael Sohl Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, there is no reason to delay treatment even one year.

Tooth Movement

When you are an adult, your teeth are set firmly within the jawbone. They stay put because they all rub against one another. When a gap forms, there is suddenly space to accommodate for. Someone with perfect teeth may suddenly end up with a crooked smile. These misaligned teeth will be harder to clean, and you will be at an increased risk of developing periodontal disease.

Difficulty Eating

Without all your teeth, you will soon discover you cannot enjoy your favorite meals. This will definitely happen if you lose one of your back teeth. These molars play an important role in chewing and shredding meat. You may also not be able to bite into a crisp apple. You will soon find yourself looking at restaurant menus longer trying to figure out what will cause the least amount of distress.

Joint Problems

Everyone has a temporomandibular joint, which controls the muscles responsible for operating the mouth. This joint stays in good shape due to the teeth fitting together properly when you bite down. When that is no longer the case, the joint will slowly take on damage. Some of the most common symptoms associated with TMJ problems include facial pain, headaches, tenderness in the jaw and jaw joints locking.

Avoid All This With Our Help

All of these make life difficult. Instead of dealing with them, you should call the office of Dr. Michael Sohl to schedule an appointment. Our cosmetic dentist in Stuart will examine your oral health to determine if Stuart dental implants can help you.

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